Where do I buy…

Black Jazz Shoes (for Vaiku/Children’s and Jauniu/Youth Group boys)?

Amazon (approx. $25/$30)

Click here for –> Link to Amazon examples


Nagines (for Studentu boys)?



<–no sole

Vaikų/Jaunių berniukų kelnės/Boys’ pants?

Walmart (pleated khaki pants)

Old Navy

Character shoes (studentų mergaitės) and white/black ballet shoes?

Ballet shoes – Amazon, Walmart

Click here for –> Link to Amazon white ballet shoes or Link to Amazon black ballet shoes

Character shoes – Mirena’s (Oakville), Malibar (downtown Toronto)

character shoe

Mergaičių kasas/Girls’ braids (for Jaunes/Studentes)?

Sally Beauty Supply

Clore Beauty Supply


<– Should look like this (all hair gathered/glued together/sewn together at one end), and should extend from ear to waist. Should not cost more than $15 each.

X-pression Braid<–This is an example of what you can buy. Available at Clore Beauty Supply and Amazon.