60th Photos!

Toronto Gintaras celebrated its 60th anniversary this year! The Gintaras dancers, teachers, parents’ committee, and other volunteers worked towards this all year, and put together a wonderful weekend celebration filled with song, dance, food, and friends!

The Toronto Lithuanian community was invited to attend a concert on May 1st, 2015, put on by Montreal’s “Gintaras”, Cleveland “Svyturys”, Chicago “Grandis”, and Lemont “Spindulys”, who were invited for the weekend to celebrate with Gintaras. Each group brought with them smiles and energy, making it obvious to the audience how much love there is for tautiniai sokiai, regardless of which city you are from.

The celebrations continued on May 2nd, 2015, with Toronto Gintaras performing their annual concert, this year’s concert entitled “Joniniu Burtai”. Over 100 dancers gave it their all for the 400+ audience members, and put on a beautiful show.  The concert was followed by a banquet, where old and new friends danced the evening away, looking forward to the next 60 years of Toronto Gintaras.

Photos found here  May 1st, 2015  and here May 2nd, 2015